Any individual who knows anything about Marvel comic books realizes that the Hulk is one of the greatest bosses on the square. To such an extent, most perusers may not in any case recollect rates when Hulk himself was crushed. As a standout amongst the most conspicuous faces in funnies, Hulk isn’t known for passing on that effectively.

So there comes a period where perusers will run over uncommon cases when a scoundrel or legend figures out how to bring down the Hulk. In view of that, how about we see 13 cases where Hulk was crushed

1. A Radiation Blast That’s a Little Too Real

In Ruins #1, the gamma blast that made Hulk in any case causes a putrefying heap of malignant guts and broken bones, which makes him helpless to shout out in anguish as his trachea gets smashed by harmful developments.

2. Wolverine Makes for the Worst Indigestion Ever

In the Old Man Logan, the Hulk eats up Logan, and sits back to process his dinner, however Wolverine mends himself and cuts out of the Hulk’s digestive organs.

3. A Fitting End for Earth’s Sole Superhero Survivor

In What If? World War Hulk, as the solitary overcomer of a terminated planet, Hulk acknowledges he is reviled with everlasting status and gets eaten up by Galactus.

4. Mass Gets His Neck Broken… By The Hulk

In Hulk, Future Imperfect #2, there are two Hulks who go head to head with one another Hulk and Maestro,

Maestro snaps Hulk’s neck like a chicken.

5. Who’s Your Daddy?

In The Incredible Hulks #622, Zeus pounds Hulk to bits leaving Hulk heaving gallons of green blood from organs burst by his broke ribs and directions his adherents to tie Hulk to a stone where huge vultures gradually expend what’s left.

6. Hawkeye Helps a Friend – Shoots the Hulk

In Civil War II, Hawkeye shoots bolts into Banner’s head and heart finishing the Hulk for good.

The Red Menace Sets a Trap

In Hulk #4, the Red meets Green Hulk and snaps the Hulk’s arm and stifles him to obviousness.

7. Deadpool Cuts the Hulk All to Pieces

In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool sneaks up on Banner when not in his Hulk structure and executes him.

In The Incredible Hulk #105, in the wake of being delegated ruler, on the planet Sakaar, the Hulk weds Caiera, and is before long anticipating a youngster. While going in the bus, it detonates, executing Caiera, Hulk’s unborn youngster, and some of his dedicated subjects.

8. The Hulk Gets a Shock

In The Incredible Hulk #44, Storm hits the Hulk with so much voltage it truly stops his heart.

9. Mass on a Stick

In Hulk #4, Red Hulk drives a trident through the Hulk’s skull and holds him overtop like a simmered creature on a spit, clearly dead.

10. Wolverine: A Tough Guy to Kill

In What If… #31, Hulk battles Wolverine. Wolverine cuts Hulk’s throat, suffocating him in his own blood.

11. Blood thirst Only a Child Can Quell

In Hulk Annual, Hulk clashes with Gladiator, pioneer of the Shi’ar Praetorian Guard. The Royal Guard murders an intergalactic criminal shape-shifter, whose most up to date structure is a youngster rendition of Bruce Banner. A fight for the ages happens and possibly stops when the tyke Banner talks up.


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