Following a clinic visit this month, Stan Lee had uncovered through a video message that he is combatting pneumonia. This video was recorded by Lee and was discharged by TMZ:

“Hiya legends, this is Stan Lee,” Lee had said.

“I haven’t been in contact with you of late. Had a little episode of pneumonia I’ve been battling, yet it is by all accounts improving. Be that as it may, I need all of you to realize I’m considering you.”

“Obviously, I generally think about the fans, and I trust you’re all progressing nicely and I miss all of you,” Lee included.

“I miss your excitement. I miss every one of the notes and the photographs and the messages I used to get, despite everything I get a great deal of them, and I need you to realize that regardless I cherish all of you and I imagine that Marvel and Spidey and I have the best gathering of fans that any gathering on the planet at any point had, and I beyond any doubt value it.”

“So told me how you’re doing,” Lee at that point said.

“I trust everything is going admirably for you, and I trust next time we talk I’ll be fit as a fiddle. Possibly I’ll have a portion of this pneumonia thumped down, and we can have a ton of fun over the Internet. Up to that point, Excelsior.”

It is pitiful for us fans to see Stan Lee like this in weakness, and our group wishes him a rapid recuperation. Lee is entangled in numerous legitimate issues like the police and grown-up defensive administrations visiting his home, strike claims and lewd behavior.


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