The Modi government “opened the entryways of J&K for fear based oppressors. No lawmaker was martyred in J&K however armymen are laying their lives there on account of Narendra Modi’s slip-ups,” Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi: J&K is on fire because of Modi’s mistakes

Congress president Rahul Gandhi and different Congress pioneers at the Mahakaleshwar sanctuary in Ujjain on Monday. (PTI)Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made “botches” on Jammu and Kashmir, because of which the state may be “ablaze”.

Tending to an open gathering here in Madhya Pradesh, Gandhi additionally affirmed that the ‘One-Rank, One-Pension’ (OROP) plot has not been actualized up until now and the head administrator was telling “lies” on the issue. He said several days back, an appointment of ex-servicemen met him and said they had confided in Modi over OROP however were “disillusioned” at this point.

The head administrator “asserts that OROP has been actualized. He talks lies,” the Congress pioneer said.

Alluding to Jammu and Kashmir, he said the state is “ablaze” at the present time, evidently alluding to the most recent killings in the state by fear based oppressors. The Modi government “opened the entryways of J&K for psychological oppressors. No government official was martyred in J&K however armymen are laying their lives there due to Narendra Modi’s oversights,” Gandhi said.

“The PM discusses careful strike, armed force, naval force however doesn’t discuss armed force men. He makes claims. At any rate, disclose to us what you did about the individuals who completed the careful strike,” he said.

Taking a correspond at Modi for his comment that “offering of pakoda is likewise an occupation”, Gandhi stated, “On the off chance that you rotisserie pakodas, at that point BJP will take away the cash of the oil. Also, it will eat browned pakodas.”

He additionally affirmed that Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had permitted obliged alcohol aristocrat Vijay Mallya escape from the nation. “Mallya had a gathering for 40 minutes with Arun Jaitley before leaving the nation,” Gandhi said. Jaitley has just rubbished the charges.

Responding to Rahul’s visit to a sanctuary in Ujjai, the BJP said he is showing “extravagant dress Hinduism” to trick individuals, and requested activity against his gathering partner Shashi Tharoor for his “scorpion” comment against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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