Rusev begins ahead of schedule with some corner punches, yet Nakamura returns with a kick to the back of the knee and applies a front facelock. Rusev battles back with a few strikes and prepares himself for a Machka Kick, yet Nakamura ducks, just to get reclaimed down to the tangle. Rusev gets up and runs directly into a plunging knee strike by Nakamura, at that point Rusev goes ideal back on offense and goes for the Accolade. Nakamura snaps Rusev’s head on the best rope and kicks him from the smock, at that point interfaces with a flying knee off of the turnbuckles and gets a two tally. Rusev goes for Kinshasa yet Rusev gets him with a drop toe hold, at that point applies the Accolade yet Nakamura deliberately(?) headbutts Rusev in the groin to maintain a strategic distance from the hold, at that point hits Kinshasa for the win.

Champ – Shinsuke Nakamura

Mass Hogan commences the principle appear by cutting a promotion about being ‘here at Crown Jewel’ and asks what the world will do when Hulkamania runs wild.

WWE World Cup Tournament – First Round

Rey Mysterio versus Randy Orton

Orton knees Mysterio, however Rey returns ideal with a couple of kicks and a goes for a springboard sprinkle. Orton dropkicks him right in the set out toward a two tally, at that point sets up on the best turnbuckle and endeavors to rip Rey’s cover off. Rey pushes him back and associates with a situated senton and a DDT for two, at that point Rey kicks him in the head and sets up for a 619. Orton swings him around and interfaces with an executioner’s DDT, at that point Orton goes to hit again with a RKO however Rey shocks him with a rollup and takes the win.

Champ – Rey Mysterio

Orton gets up and drops Rey with a RKO, at that point leaves the ring… just to return and hammer Rey stomach first on the analysis table.


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