Sonos has postponed the rollout of Google Assistant to Sonos One speakers, with full customer bolster pushed back to 2019.

Nonetheless, you can join to get to now in the event that you consent to utilization rules.

A private beta will open in half a month, after stringent screening of candidates, that will add Google Assistant voice control to Sonos One speakers claimed by those effectively picked.

It will enable Sonos to push test the component and will, in the end, advantage the last discharge.

To apply, in addition to the fact that you have to join here, focus on tuning in to music and other sound for no less than 14 hours of the week amid the beta time frame. What’s more, you need to utilize voice directions somewhere around 10 times each day. What’s more, you need to react to all reviews sent to you from Sonos inside 72 hours of receipt.

Sonos has likewise changed its guidelines on its general beta program as of late. As it is a traded on an open market organization its beta analyzers should now concur not to impart their insights of new highlights discharged as a major aspect of the beta forms.

That is on the grounds that any data discussed or discharged to people in general on sites or online life can be seen as insider exchanging and is along these lines in rupture of stringent laws.

So regardless of whether we tested Google Assistant in front of its full dispatch one year from now, we really couldn’t enlighten you concerning it. Nor the other way around.

It would appear that we’ll be adhering to Alexa for voice control for the present.


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