Samsung is set to prod its imminent foldable telephone on 7 November at its engineer gathering in San Francisco, yet a few subtle elements have risen online already.

The Samsung Galaxy F arrangement, as it is currently said to be called (as opposed to Galaxy X), will convey the model numbers SM-F900U in the States, SM-F900F in Europe and SM-900N in Asia, claims SamMobile. It will be accessible comprehensively, accordingly.

The site has additionally heard that the new handset will have 512GB of interior stockpiling – putting it immovably in the top notch class and liable to have a healthy cost to coordinate.

Samsung is allegedly taking a shot at a one of a kind, vigorously modified Android client involvement with Google, particularly for this handset.

No less than one variation of the Samsung Galaxy F will be double SIM, it is said.

SamMobile places one proviso one the subtle elements it has gathered; while it is thought the Galaxy F arrangement alludes to the foldable telephone line, it could correspondingly be the assignment for a scope of gaming handsets the organization additionally has in the pipeline.

We’ll discover all the more amid the Samsung Developer Conference one week from now, we anticipate.

Meanwhile, you can likewise look at our inclusion on the Samsung foldable telephone gossipy tidbits here.


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