Erase every unfilled organizer on your gadget!

This application will enable you to erase every unfilled organizer and subfolders on your gadget. Likewise you can choose envelope to erase every unfilled organizer and subfolders just within it.

Why this application exists?

A portion of the new telephones make a ton of envelopes for photographs for instance. The new Pixel Phones make new envelope for each new Portrait Photo made with the default Google Camera.

Subsequent to erasing a portion of the representation photographs from the Photos application the envelopes remain on the telephone (you can see them with straightforward record chief). This application will erase those old envelopes in a second.

Also, don’t stress! This application won’t erase organizers that are not void!

Erasing default envelopes on your gadget isn’t terrible for the gadget. It will make all framework envelopes again when essential.


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